HIIG research magazine: encore 2016

The latest edition of encore is hot off the press. We are glad to be able to share so many exciting findings and insights with you! Immerse yourself in the day-to-day working life of HIIG, read entertaining yet sophisticated interviews and celebrate 5 years of exploring the internet and society with us.

Lunch talk with Arne Hintz

The collection and processing of massive amounts of data is becoming an increasingly contentious issue. In this public talk on 22 February, Arne Hintz will explore what datafication means for social justice.

Digitaler Salon: Make Fakten relevant again

Make facts relevant again. We’ll figure out whether emotions have replaced reason and how enlightened citizens can oppose populism. How can we save democracy in times of newsbots, fear and filter bubbles? The next Digitaler Salon takes place at HIIG on 22 February. Join us for discussion!

Fundamental rights in the digital age

The internet is a space where social relationships are cultivated, business is conducted, new knowledge is created, and all kinds of networks are built. But do fundamental rights exist in this growing digital habit? Should there be a right to internet access or anonymity or even for digital disobedience?

Lunch talk with Meropi Tzanetakis

Meropi Tzanetakis takes you on a trip to the «dark» side of the web. How were global markets for drugs able to emerge on the darkweb – irrespective of current drug policy? In what way facilitate technological innovations the increasing availability of psychoactive substances?